Why Is Bgmi Not Updated?

A person familiar with the matter says that the Play Store has been removed from the government’s order. The Apple App Store has been taken over by BGMI.

Why is BGMI not updating?

Apple’s App Store and the Play Store in India no longer have BGMI on them. Sources aware of the development say that a government order has led to the removal of the rebranded version of the game from the app stores.

Is BGMI update available?

The developers say that the latest 2.1 update will be released today.

How can I update BGMI?

The update can be downloaded from the Play Store. If players want to download and install the update, they have to head to the app updates section of the Play Store.

Why there is no BGMI in Play Store?

The game was removed after it received an order, according to a statement released by the search engine giant. According to the tech giant, access to the app has been blocked on the Play Store because of a problem with the developer.

Can I play BGMI without update?

The game has been removed from the app store and there is no way to update it. If you want to install the newest version of the game, you can download the whole APK file.

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Will BGMI get banned?

Section 69A of the IT Act is the same section that banned the video game, according to a report. It is possible for the government to block public access to apps and websites in the interest of national security.

At what time will BGMI update?

The time is at 5:00 a.m. The new update will be released in India. The Bgmi 2.1 update will be followed by all devices updating at the same time.

How do I update BGMI without App Store?

You can locate the downloaded files on your device by following the steps. You need to open the Download folder on your device. There is a downloaded mobile app. The install button needs to be clicked after opening it.

Is PUBG and BGMI same?

Since February this year, we’ve brought up the fact that the banned game is the same as the banned game. Abhay Mishra, President of Prahar, said in a statement that the new version of the game was just as bad as the old one.

Is BGMI gone?

The Indian version of the game was blocked by the government after it was banned in 2020. BGMI is no longer available for download in the country a few months after it was launched.

What happens to BGMI?

According to the government, the game posed a threat to India’s integrity, sovereignty, security, and privacy and that it should be removed from the stores.

When PUBG new update is coming?

The update 18.2 of the game will be released on July 13, 2022.

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How do I download BGMI 1.7 update?

The update can be downloaded from the Play Store on the phone. They will have to download the new update after the game is launched. The latest update of the game can be downloaded from the Apple App Store on the other hand.

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