Where Can I Smoke In Nyc 2022?

Is public smoking allowed in NYC?

The Smoke Free Air Act makes it a crime to smoke in public. Smoking and the use of electronic cigarettes are against the law. Areas near hospital entrances, parks, beaches, and pedestrian plazas are covered by this.

Where can u smoke in NYC?

If you aren’t within 15 feet of a health care facility, you can still smoke in private vehicles, on sidewalks, at retail tobacco stores, and in designated smoking hotel rooms.

Can you smoke in New York sidewalk?

Smoking and e-cigs are not allowed in New York City’s parks, beaches and pedestrian plazas.

Can you smoke inside NYC?

Smoking and e-cigarettes are not allowed in the common areas of residential buildings with more than three units. There are common areas such as hallways, stairwells, laundry rooms and lobbies. Smoking includes tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigars and water pipes.

Can you smoke in Central Park?

There is a smoking area. Smoking and electronic cigarettes are not allowed in the park. Smoking rules from NYC parks can be found here.

Can you smoke in Manhattan Beach?

Smoking is not allowed in all outdoor public places, including the Pier and The Strand.

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Can I smoke in my apartment NYC?

Smoking is not banned in apartments and condominiums in New York. Smoking is not allowed in your rental property under federal, city, and county laws.

Can you smoke outdoors in New York?

Smoking marijuana outside of New York is legal. New York’s legalization law allows cannabis and tobacco to be consumed almost anywhere in the state.

Can you smoke on your balcony in NYC?

New York City does not have a law against smoking on residential properties.

Can you smoke outside restaurants in NYC?

In order to protect workers and the public from exposure to harmful secondhand tobacco smoke and vaping aerosols, the Act prohibits smoking and vaping in almost all public and private indoor places.

When was smoking banned in NYC?

In 2002 New York City banned smoking in bars and restaurants and the state of New York raised the smoking age to 21.

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