What Is The Purpose Of A Lanyard Attached To An Engine Cut-Off Switch Quizlet?

If you fall off your boat, you should wear an engine cut-off switch lanyard to prevent you from being run over by your boat.

What is the purpose of a lanyard attached to an engine cut-off switch?

If the operator falls off the vessel or is thrown from it, the engine can be shut off. A lanyard is used to connect the ECOS to the operator. The engine will stop working if the lanyard is removed from the switch.

What is the main purpose of an engine cut-off switch?

An engine cut-off switch is a safety mechanism that shuts off machinery when the operator is not at the helm.

What is the purpose of the safety lanyard on a PWC quizlet?

If the operator falls off, the engine should be shut off and the lanyard should be worn. The jet ski can’t leave the rider if it runs into something.

What is the main function of a PWC’s engine shut off line?

The engine shut-off line is used to shut off the engine if the operator falls off the vehicle. Attaching the engine shut-off line to your wrist, life jacket, or PFD is important when operating a PWC.

What is the purpose of a lanyard attached?

An attachment lanyard is a light duty tether worn around the neck, shoulder, wrist or attached to the belt as a sling to conveniently carry items such as keys or identification cards, or as a safety harness to prevent accidental drops of valuable handheld items such as a camera.

Is attaching the lanyard of a lanyard-type engine cut-off switch to the operators PFD legal?

The lanyard must be attached to the person, clothing, or life jacket of the person who is operating the PWC. The required navigation lights must be displayed if operated during the day and night.

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What is the main function of an an engine cutoff switch quizlet?

The engine can be shut off if the operator falls off the boat or is thrown from it.

How do boat safety lanyards work?

The button/switch on these lanyards must be engaged in order for the boat to start or stop. The helmsman has a lanyard on.

When on a PWC you should always have a lanyard on your wrist for engine cut off?

Attach the lanyard to your wrist before starting your engine. If you fall off the engine will stop and you can swim to it. The PWC will not be able to run in areas with swimmers or other watercraft.

What is a lanyard OSHA?

For a fall of no greater than 6 feet, the lanyard must be at least 12 inch nylon or equivalent. The rope’s break strength is 5,400 pounds.

What is the purpose of the safety lanyard on a PWC?

The safety switch is connected to the lanyard on the operator’s wrist. The lanyard is pulled from the switch if the operator falls out of the boat. There is a risk of propeller strike and other injuries if you don’t wear a lanyard.

How does water get into a jet ski engine?

What happens when water gets into a jet ski engine? The water enters the jet ski engine. The water can be pulled into the craft by a motorized fan.

How does a lanyard switch work?

The kill cord is attached to the kill switch at one end and the driver’s leg at the other end. The driver’s cord is pulled away from the kill-switch in the event of a problem.

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What is the purpose of a lanyard on a knife?

If the knife’s handle slips from its grip, the lanyard can be used to hold the knife. It’s great when using a knife around water.

What is a lanyard on a boat motor?

The lanyard is usually a coiled bungee cord lanyard clipped onto the operator’s person, such as clothing or their life jacket, and the other end attached to the boat’s engine cut-off switch. The lanyard will pull away if the operator is thrown from the helm station.

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