What Is Ozium Made Of?

It is not to be refilled.

What are the ingredients in Ozium?

Keep out of the way of heat, sparks and flames. There are two active ingredients: Triethylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol. There are other ingredients that are 100% or more. Water, Tri-Ethylene Glycol, and Propylene Glycol are antiseptics.

Is Ozium spray harmful?

The statement is that the aerosol is extremelyflammable. May cause a reaction to something on the skin. There are serious eye irritations. May make you sleepy or dizzy.

Is Ozium the same as ozone?

Ozium works on a narrow band of odor-causing compounds, making it a highly flammable and smelly product. An extra oxygen atom is referred to as ozone. It’s an oxidizer. It is not safe even at very low levels.

Is Ozium cancerous?

This product can expose you to chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects, as well as reproductive harm.

What is Ozium air sanitizer used for?

Ozium air sanitizing spray can be used to eliminate offensive odors. The original idea was to combat airborne germs in hospitals. Ozium can be used to remove smoke odors from tobacco products.

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Does Ozium clean the air?

Ozium Air Sanitizer can be used to remove smoke and odors from the air.

How soon can you spray after Ozium?

Ozium can cause permanent damage to the eyes, and it can be read by other people. You should wait 20 minutes after spraying before removing any living or consumables from the area.

Can Ozium make you sick?

It’s a dangerous amount that he sprayed, but luckily you came into the room after 30 minutes. If you still have headaches and irritation in your eyes, you should go to the emergency unit.

How does Ozium sanitize air?

OzIUM is able to destroy odors by attacking them at their source and leaving the air odor free. You have a clear choice.

Can you spray Ozium on fabric?

Yes, it’s true. It is possible to use Ozium with confidence.

How long does Ozium last in the air?

When ozone gas is unstable, it quickly fades from the place sprayed as the molecule break apart and form bonds with other molecule. The smell of ozium gas fades in around 20 minutes after it’s sprayed in a room.

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