What Is A Prior Written Notice?

School district decisions regarding your student’s special education program are outlined in the prior written notice. It isn’t an invitation for a meeting.

What is a PWN?

Every time a district proposes or refuses to initiate a change to the identification, evaluation, educational placement or provision of FAPE to a student, they must send a Prior Written Notice. Sometimes, but not always, these decisions are made during the meeting.

Who writes the prior written notice?

The prior written notice is a safeguard. The provision says that if the school adds, changes, or denies educational services to a child, the parents must be given written notice.

What should be on the PWN?

A description of the action proposed or refused by the school must be included. An explanation of why the school does not want to do anything.

What is PWN for IEP?

Before the identification, evaluation, or educational placement of a child with a disability can be done, there needs to be written notice. The evaluation planning meeting and the IEP team meeting have a summary called the PWN.

What triggers an IEP?

In order for a child or teen to get an Individualized Education Program, they must have one of 13 disabilities listed in the IDEA and be evaluated and identified as needing special accommodations in order to learn the general school curriculum. One of the 13 disabilities is not enough to make your child eligible for an Individualized Education Program.

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When was Fape created?

The EHA was signed into law by President Gerald Ford in 1975. Every child with a disability in the country will receive a free, appropriate public education thanks to the EHA.

What should you not say in ARD?

Don’t say, “We don’t provide…”, “We don’t have that program…”, or “That program is too expensive…”

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