What Does Sussy Mean?

Brit suspicious; thought to be so.

What is a sussy gift?

A small gift, given for no particular occasion other than love and friendship, is known as a “Sussy”. It’s nice to spend a little time with a friend or neighbor and not have a lot of money.

Where did the word sussy come from?

A murder mystery style game called “Among Us” is where the origin of this word comes from. Sussy is cooler than “sus” when a person is acting suspicious.

Who made up the word YEET?

YEET is a word that was created by someone. It wasn’t until a kid who goes by the name “Lil Meatball” posted a video saying he could do it better that it picked up. The 13-year old is named Meatball.


What does sus mean on TikTok?

Suspicious and suspect are the meanings of SUS. Slang has been made up by these two words. It is possible to use them with either of the words. The term SUS was first used on social media platforms.

Who first said Sussy?

People are discovering that they are more than just bakas, they are also sussy. TikTok’s akeamfrancis2 created a sound that mixes Japanese and sexy.

How do you say sister in slang?

Slang terms for the sibling includesis orsissy. You can respond to the responses by logging in.

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What does skirt skirt mean in slang?

Back in the day, skirt was a rude way to refer to a young woman. When you skirt a city rather than driving straight through it, it’s called a skirt. The word “outdoors” is related to it. The skirt is defined in these terms.

What does YEET mean in 2021?

Is that a word? This is when you throw something away at high speed. If someone chucks their water bottle across the room into their bag, they’re pretty much done with that. A person yells “YEET!” as they throw it.

What does Istan mean in text?

There is a person in London UK. The equivalent of the English or German “-land” is what it’s called, but it’s not an English language one.

What does no cap mean?

There is no cap or capping. If you say someone is being held captive, then you are saying they are lying. I will be productive today, no cap. Is it true that you have tickets to the Bad Bunny concert? You’re putting the finishing touches on it.

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