What Does Soaking Mean In Slang?

What is soaking in slang?

Sex without movement and hip thrusting is called’soaking’ by Mormons. You have a couple, the guy puts his penis in the vagina and just lies there. He lets his dick do the dirty work.

What does it mean when a girl is soaking?

The no sex before marriage rule is used by many Mormons to get around it. There is an ad for this. It is similar to when a man inserts his penis into a woman’s vagina.

What does soaking mean TikTok?

Mormon teens can get around the “no sex” rule with the help of the TikTok videos. There is no thrusting when soaking penetration. The TikTok videos show a friend jumping on the bed next to them to help them sleep. This is when you jump up and down.

What does hump jumping mean?

Jump-humping is when a third person jumps on the bed with two other people, without the two of them having sex.

When your bestie is called to soak in a BYU?

The caption said, “When your bestie is called to soak in a BYU dorm, you have to jump for her.” The reason why people do this is that teenagers in the Mormon faith can struggle with wanting to have sex. “Soaking” is a way of dealing with this.

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