What Does Drivewyze Cost?

How much does the drive wyze phone application cost? It is absolutely free for mobile users to download and try it. After the free trial is over, the price for drive wyze services is $17.49 per month.

Which is better Drivewyze or PrePass?

The Drivewyze service is active in more states than PrePass. PrePass transponders only offer bypasses at fixed sites, while Drivewyze offers bypasses at both fixed and mobile sites.

How much does PrePass plus cost per month?

It costs $17.65 per month to use the PrePass weigh station bypass service. For the same low cost, customers can use a transponder, the bypasses app or both. PrePass INFORM safety software is included for free.

What is Drivewyze carrier?

Drivewyze is an intelligent transportation system that provides bypasses to commercial vehicles when approaching weigh stations.

How do I cancel Drivewyze?

Customer’s access to Services may be terminated by email or through the client web portal if they decide to do so.

What states are covered by PrePass?

Over the past year, PrePass Safety Alliance’s Board of Directors has approved 47 new bypasses in Illinois, Michigan, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, New Jersey, Ohio, Texas and Wisconsin.

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Does PrePass have a battery?

Some PrePass devices have internal batteries that are not replaceable. The batteries in our ElitePass transponders should be replaced every year.

How do PrePass weigh stations work?

The PrePass system uses a truck’s clearance status to send a signal to the truck’s transponder that tells the driver of the screening result. A green light indicates that the driver needs to pull into the weigh station, while a red light indicates that the driver needs to leave.

How do I cancel my PrePass account?

If you want to turn off the transponder’s function, you have to go into your account on PrePass.com and get rid of the truck that has it. It is not possible to turn off tollsFunctionality. If you need assistance, you can call the Customer Service Center.

Is trucker path free?

There is a free app that will allow you to get all of the trucker tools. The best trucking app is featured by the truck drivers. More than one million truck drivers use Trucker Path to find truck stops and weigh stations over the road. Truck-specific directions are provided by us.

What is drivewyze PreClear?

Drivewyze PreClear is the largest weigh station bypass service in North America with more than 800 sites.

How do you bypass a weigh station?

You can get more information by calling 1 or visiting the website. If the requirements for weight, size, safety, and other factors are met, the driver can get a bypass.

What is PrePass plus?

PrePass Plus is an electronic toll payment and management service. PrePass Plus has tolling rates that are discounted. PrePass has the ability to manage carrier reconciliations and dispute resolutions.

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Does Oklahoma accept elite pass?

E-ZPass transponders can be used to pay tolls at plazas throughout the E-ZPass network, as well as on toll roads in California, Florida, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.

Does PrePass work in New Mexico?

PrePass has been deployed at 6 sites in New Mexico. PrePass helps facilitate freight movement by allowing pre qualified trucks to be electronically screened and then safely bypassed weigh stations on the highway.

Does PrePass work in Florida?

Florida is one of the only states that allows certain carriers to ignore agriculture inspection stations. If you submit an application to PrePass, trucks that aren’t hauling agriculture, aquaculture or horticulture cargo will be eligible. PrePass works closely with FDACS to approve and deny cases.

Does PrePass work in Texas?

PrePass Plus or Tolls Only transponders can now be used to pay tolls operated by the Texas Department of Transportation, the North Texas Tollway Authority, and the Harris County Toll Road Authority.

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