Is It Legal To Hyphenate Last Names?

If you want to keep your spouse’s name, you have to go through a court-ordered name change if you want to keep your last name. There are many reasons to change your name, but also a few things to think about.

Can you have a hyphen in your last name?

A married couple can combine their last names with a hyphen. This is also referred to as a double family name. When you apply for a marriage license in many states, you will write your intended married name on the application.

What are the rules for hyphenated last names?

When it comes to determining how your last name will read, there is no set rules. You can either list your “maiden” name first or follow your original last name.

Can you have two last names not hyphenated?

If you can submit an original or certified copy of the marriage certificate, you can have them both on your passport.

Can you combine two last names?

State by state, you can and can’t change your name after marriage. If you want to take your spouse’s last name, you can either use two last names without a hyphen or move your maiden name to your middle name.

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Can I use both maiden and married name?

People ask if a woman is changing her name when she is getting married. Taking your husband’s name is traditional, but it isn’t the only option. If you want to combine your last names, you can either keep your maiden name or hyphenate it.

Why do some people have two last names?

The first and second surnames are paternal and maternal, respectively. In recent years, some countries have allowed parents to change the order of their children’s names, but in the past, paternal names were usually preceded by maternal names.

Does your passport name have to match your social security card?

If you have a passport and social security name, you don’t need to match them. If you have a social security card, you won’t be asked for it by an airline. You can still travel under your maiden or previous married name. You have to include your passport name in airline and resort reservations.

What if my name doesn’t match my social security card?

The standard application for a Social Security card can be found on the Social Security website. You can either mail the form to your local Social Security office or bring the original documents with you.

Why do guys have hyphenated last names?

During the 15th century, people in Britain began changing their last names to honor their family fortunes. The husband could take on the bride’s name if there weren’t any male heirs.

What do you call a married woman who keeps her maiden name?

If you want to keep your maiden name, you can either call it “Ms.” or “Mrs.” If you don’t want your title to be associated with your marriage, you can go by “Ms.”

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