Is 70 A Good Grade Canada?

Is 70 a good mark in Canada?

A D and under is a failure for a class and is typically given for high school and post-secondary students only, but can also be given to junior high students as well.

Is 70% a good grade?

The grade rests in the middle. C is between 70% and 79% D, and it is between 59% and 69% F, which is a failing grade.

Is 70 good in university?

Any mark over 50% is a good grade at university. If you get a mark over 50%, you are starting to understand the hard work of your degree. It’s great if you get over 60% because it shows you have a good knowledge of your subject.

What is a 70 percent grade?

A 93 A- 90 B- 83 B- 80 C- 73 C- 70 D- 63 D- 60 F

Is 70 percent an A?

British higher education’s reputation is largely attributed to its efficient education system.

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