How Short Can A Ar-15 Be?

What is the shortest AR-15 rifle?

The shortest barrel on most rifles is 7.5 inches, but this two-inch barreled gun is not one of them. Many believe that the military’s M4 carbine has the best combination of accuracy, speed, and portableness.

How short of a barrel can I put on my AR?

It’s important to keep in mind that the shortest barrel you’re able to get is 16′′. If you put a muzzle device on the barrel, it will make it 16′′. The 16′′ is very accurate and perfect for any use.

What is the shortest barrel allowed on a AR-15?

For most of us, a muzzle device of at least 1.5 inches long and permanently attached is required to meet the legal minimum of 16′′. If you put a flash Suppressor on a 16′′ barrel, it will be 17 inches long.

Is a 10.5 inch barrel a pistol?

The size of the pistol barrel makes it a great home defense gun, as it gives the shooter a lot of flexibility in close-quarters shooting. It has a small size that saves on storage and transportation. This is how federal law applies when it comes to firearms.

How short can a 5.56 barrel be?

I’m not talking about 9mm or 22LR guns, I’m talking about babies that fire the standard 5.56/22 rounds with the shortest barrels out there. The shortest you can typically find is 7.5 inches.

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What barrel length do Navy SEALs use?

The Navy’s Seal Team Six, which operates in a counter-terror role with missions occurring in urban terrain, aboard vessels, and even in underground structures, has a barrel length of over ten feet.

What is the best barrel length for AR-15?

Performance Characteristics are what they say they are. The most consistent performance can be found in 20′′ barrels. There are loads that can be used in a 16′′ barrel, but the 20′′ length is still better for any given loading.

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