How Do I Permanently Report My Ml Account?

How do I permanently delete my mobile Legends account?

Moonton doesn’t want players to stop accessing their game, so there isn’t a way to permanently remove your account. If you want to unlink your current account from other accounts, you should do it now.

What is IGN in Mobile Legends?

“In Game Name” is the meaning of IGN, which is commonly used in gaming. The nickname a player gives to their character is referred to.

Is it possible to delete a League of Legends account?

To begin this process, you will need to be a member of the League of Legends website. Click on ‘Submit A Request’ at the top of the screen if you want to submit a request. You can choose account management, data requests or deletion.

How do I delete my ML account on Gmail?

How do you get rid of an email account on a mobile device? You can uninstall your email account by going to settings. You can remove the account by selecting it from the menu and then tapping the button.

How do I contact customer service in Mobile Legends?

You should only contact Customer Service via E-mail if you are stuck at the screen where progress bar loads, or if you can’t enter the lobby. The app can’t be opened after you tap the icon on your phone.

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What happened to Mobile Legends?

There is no truth to the rumour that the game is about to shut down. The game is going stronger than ever and has surpassed some of the most popular online games in the last few years.

How do I change my email on Moonton?

I don’t know how to change my email address. You can change the Moonton Mail Address by using the account settings and the account center. The confirmation mail will be sent to your email address. There is a link in the mail that will allow you to complete the change.

Can I change my riot username?

Clicking on Riot ID will take you to a menu. You can change your usernames by clicking on the pencil icon. You can pick a new name. You can save it by clicking on it.

Can I unbind my Moonton account?

To change the Moonton account mail address, you need to access your current email address and enter a new ID.

How do I create a smurf account in ML?

The first thing you need to do is go to the phone settings on your phone. You have to have a duplicate application in order to make a new account. You can clear all the data by tapping on it. You can open the application after that.

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