Do You Have To Say Your Name In Aa?

You don’t need to give your name at an A.A. meeting. Some groups will only allow newcomers to use their first names. No one has to sign a sign-in sheet for a meeting.

Do you have to say you’re an alcoholic in AA?

If you want to control your drinking but can’t, alcoholism is possible. AA doesn’t care if you’re an alcoholic, it’s for you to decide. No one in AA can tell you if you are or not. You can learn if AA is right for you.

How do you introduce yourself in AA?

It’s a good idea to introduce yourself to the group. You can say, “I am an alcoholic and I want you to know it.” If you don’t want to admit to your alcoholism, you can just give your name. Due to the anonymity of AA, you only need your first name.

Why is anonymity so important in AA?

It is important to newcomers that anonymity protects them from being identified as alcoholics. Most of the new members are eager to let their families know about their A.A. affiliation.

Are you supposed to talk about AA?

If you’re worried about speaking out, don’t talk in an A.A. meeting. It’s possible that you aren’t ready to discuss your past or experiences. It’s okay. You should listen to what other people have to say and support them.

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Can you get kicked out of AA?

Each member’s sobriety is protected by these Traditions because they provide for the unity of the group. No one can be kicked out of A.A. if they say they’re a member, but someone can be asked to leave a meeting if they’re not.

What are the rules of AA?

There are no rules for the organization of Alcoholics Anonymous. Guidelines are contained in them. The decision not to set up rules for this self-help program was a blessing in disguise.

Can I just turn up to an AA meeting?

It’s easy to go to an AA meeting. You can find a meeting location that is convenient for you. It’s all over. There is no sign in, no money to pay, and no appointment to make.

What is said at the beginning of an AA meeting?

God, grant me the strength to accept the things that I can’t change, Courage to change the things that I can, and Wisdom to know the difference.

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