Do I Need A Licence To Metal Detect In Uk?

You don’t have to have a licence to use a metal detector in the UK. Private land is not allowed to be used for a metal detector.

Where can I metal detect without permission in UK?

The UK does not require a licence to use a metal detector. It is against the law to use a metal detector on private land. It is against the law on a scheduled ancient monument.

How do you get permission to metal detect in the UK?

Call Natural England or send an email to to seek permission. National Trust land cannot be used for metal detecting. They have a website where you can find more information.

Can I metal detect without permission?

Anyone can do metal detecting. You can’t do it if you’re not allowed. If land is tenanted, both the tenant’s and the landlord’s consent must be obtained, and if the land owner wants to grant someone permission to metal detect, the landlord’s consent must be obtained as well.

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Can you metal detect in Woods UK?

It is possible to detect metal in the woods. There are a lot of treasures and relics in the woods and forest areas, making them an excellent place to find metal.

Can I metal detect in rivers UK?

The answer to our question is that you can detect metal in the water. It is a great place to go metal detecting in June and July. It is necessary to get a waterproof metal detector if you want to explore some rivers.

Can I metal detect on beaches UK?

If you have a permit, you can metal detect on most of the UK’s beaches. Most of the UK’s beaches are owned by the council. If you apply through them, you will be able to use your metal detector.

Can I metal detect on public footpaths?

You will need to find the land owner to get permission to use the public footpath. For a long time people have been walking up and down the footpaths and taking their dogs for walks along them.

Are you allowed to metal detect on beaches?

Is it necessary for you to get permission to metal detect on the beach? The open permit is one of the most appealing things about beach metal detecting. There is a permit that allows you to metal detect on crown owned beaches.

Can I metal detect on farm land?

It is against the law for anyone to embark on a metal detecting search without the permission of the owner. There are a number of things that detectorists need to consider when seeking permission from the farmer.

Can you keep metal detector finds UK?

In Scotland there is a law similar to this one. Unless the site is historically protected, metal detecting is not allowed in England and Wales. You have to report anything you find. It’s a crime if you don’t do it.

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Is there any lost treasure in the UK?

There is a merchant Royal. The anchor from the most valuable wreck in history was found off the coast of Cornwall, England in March, giving treasure hunters a hint to where it might be. There is a merchant ship in this picture.

Can you metal detect in streams?

River and stream metal detecting is a lot of fun. Some people have been lucky enough to find things in the water.

How do you research land for metal detecting?

To help you find the best places to metal detect, I offer my top 9 recommendations.

Can you metal detect in Sherwood Forest?

A metal detecting beginner had an amazing find just 20 minutes after starting to metal detect in the forest. He found a golden ring from the 14th century, which could be worth as much as $70,000.

Can you metal detect on Weymouth beach?

There isn’t a licence system in place for metal detecting on the beach above the water. There are some finds that may be classified as Treasure and others that may be legal for a third party.

What is the easiest metal detector to use?

The Nokta Makro Simplex is one of the most popular easy to use metal detector series. With that in mind, don’t worry about the ground balance or features that are advanced. You will be able to grow in to the hobby if you have models with advanced features.

What are the rules for a metal detector?

Anyone can take part in metal detecting, but they have to get permission from the owner of the land before doing anything. They need to agree on how to divide the finds.

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Can I metal detect in Thetford Forest?

TheMOD property, SSSI sites, Crown Properties, Registered and known Archaeological sites, Scheduled Ancient Monuments and Thetford Forest are all forbidden by law to be used for amateur detecting. Permission won’t be given if the request is made.

Can I metal detect on the moors?

The SSSI land makes it hard for the council to disturb the soil. The problem with metal detectors is that people dig the ground when using the moor.

Can you fly with a metal detector?

Due to the size limitations of overhead bins and space under seats, this item should be carried in checked bags. If your airline has guidelines for certain checked items, you should check with them.

Is treasure hunting legal in UK?

The Act deals with treasure in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It requires finders of objects which are treasure to report them to the local coroner within 14 days.

What happens if you find buried treasure?

The finder will be paid a reward that won’t exceed the market value. The finder can keep the treasure if the museum doesn’t want it. The museums have the right to buy a treasure. An antique dealer would pay a certain amount, but the market value is more than that.

Can I keep gold I find?

Yes, that is correct. It is possible to keep gold that you find on public land. Some rules and regulations determine how much you can keep. Visit the Bureau of Land Management website to learn more about the rules.

Has Jesse James treasure been found?

The survivors of the gang said they had no idea where James hid the gold. The gold is still hidden in the holes where it was buried, according to some Old West historians. It is not known where it is today.

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