Do Delivery Drivers Steal Packages?

There is a chance that a delivery driver could steal your package, but it is not likely. Delivery companies have a vested interest in preventing stolen packages because there are people in every line of work who can be unreliable.

What percentage of delivered packages are stolen?

The number of people who said they had a package stolen went from 42% in 2020 to 70% in 2019. Almost two-thirds of the people who have had a package stolen say they have been a victim of package theft at least once.

What happens if a FedEx driver steals your package?

You can visit the FedEx claims site if you still think your delivery has been stolen. You can find step-by-step instructions to file a missing package claim here. To file your claim, you need to enter your tracking number, choose your claim type, and complete an online form.

What happens when a UPS driver steals your package?

If a package is delivered to a home and then stolen, it won’t be covered by the company. It will work with both sender and purchaser in order to get a claim. There will be no refunds unless there is proof that the company was to blame.

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Where does package theft happen the most?

Over 50 million Americans have had a package stolen in the past year. The highest prevalence of victims was in Alaska at 29 percent, while the lowest was in Maine at 12 percent. The state-specific average for the median value of stolen merchandise was $50.

How often do deliveries get stolen?

A study commissioned by ValuePenguin shows that nearly 4% of shoppers have had a package stolen. The number of deliveries goes up during the holidays, but consumers are reminded that package theft is a problem all year long.

Does Amazon steal packages?

The average number of missing or stolen Amazon packages is 51 a year. Porch pirates have taken advantage of the rise of e- commerce due to the Pandemic, and stolen Amazon packages are the most frequent.

What percentage of Amazon deliveries are stolen?

It seems that porch piracy did not affect all companies the same. FedEx came in second with 15.5% of parcels, followed by United Parcel Service and then Amazon, which constituted a whopping 53.9% of thefts. More than half of the parcels are worth less than $50.

What percentage of packages are lost?

15% of all online shopping deliveries fail to reach their final destination due to theft or logistical issues according to a New York Times report.

How many packages get stolen each year?

More than 200 million packages have been stolen over the last year in the U.S. according to a survey.

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