Can You Buy Vapes Online In Australia?

What are the changes to the law? Nicotine Vaping products will no longer be sold or imported from overseas websites without a valid doctor’s prescription from October of 2021. The need for a doctor’s prescription is reinforced by these changes.

Is it illegal to ship vapes to Australia?

The importation of e-cigarettes and e-liquids that contain nicotine or the purchase of nicotine from overseas for personal therapeutic use is legal in Australia under the personal importation scheme.

Can you buy vapes online anymore?

You can still buy e-liquid online and have it shipped by mail.

What is the punishment for vaping in Australia?

It is against the law for a person to have a nicotine product in their possession without a prescription. The maximum penalty is $6,850 or 2 years in prison.

How do vapes get into Australia?

If your doctor gives you a prescription for nicotine, you can either fill it at a pharmacy or use the Personal Importation Scheme to get it from overseas websites.

Is vaping legal in Australia 2022?

There are ways to take the key directions. Nicotine Vaping products are only available in prescription form in Australia. It is against the law to import, buy or sell e-liquid without a permit. Penalties that include fines and imprisonments are applied.

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Why is vaping banned in Australia?

The Australian Council on Smoking and Health has called for a ban on the sale and promotion of e-cigarettes to young people after a review concluded that they cause lung injury.

Can you ship vapes in the mail?

Shippers are not allowed to send e-cigs through USPS’s network. The USPS banned individuals and small businesses from sending e-liquid through the mail in October of 2021. The ruling applies to nicotine products.

Can you send vapes in the mail?

Since the Vape Ban was adopted by many countries, postal services are not allowed to accept shipments containing any kind of e-liquid.

Is nicotine e-liquid legal in Australia?

Nicotine containing e-cigarette products will be legal in Australia from October of 2021. The products are imported from overseas. There are changes to be found.

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