Are There Hospitals In Longyearbyen?

Are there doctors in Svalbard?

Do you know if there are general practitioners or specialists on the archipelago? Yes, that is correct. The Longyearbyen sykehus has services. Both primary and specialist health services can be found at the hospital in Longyearbyen.

Are there hospitals in the Arctic?

A state-of-the-art medical center can be found in Utqiavik, Alaska. A full array of health care services can be found from this hub.

How much money do you need to live in Svalbard?

In comparison to the rest of Norway, the cost of living in Svalbard is the same. Stipulated costs for food and lodging are around 10 000 a month.

Why are you not allowed to give birth on Svalbard?

The permafrost makes it impossible for Svalbard to handle dead bodies. I am not allowed to die in the town of Longyearbyen.

Can you drink alcohol in Svalbard?

You can bring alcoholic beverages with you if you have been in Svalbard for more than 24 hours. Information from the Norwegian Customs Service can be found here. Private individuals have the right to bring alcoholic beverages with them when they stay in Svalbard.

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Is it free to live in Svalbard?

Treaty nationals are equal to Norwegian nationals according to the Svalbard Treaty. It is possible for non-treaty nationals to live and work indefinitely visa-free.

How are homes heated in Svalbard?

The locals of Longyearbyen are generous when using the coal power plant’s long distance heating.

Is there cell service in the Arctic?

Mobile phone coverage may be limited in the major settlements, but you will be able to call outside of these areas if you spend a lot of time in the circle.

How much is house rent in Svalbard?

You will have full access to all of this if you are a long-term resident. There is a private room with bed linen, towels, and free internet for a monthly fee of $5500. We do not include breakfast in our long-term rates, but it can be purchased for 75 NOK.

Can I retire to Svalbard?

If you don’t have enough money to support yourself and a roof over your head, you may be kicked out of the territory.

Do you pay taxes in Svalbard?

If you are not a resident of Svalbard for tax purposes, you will still have to pay tax on capital in and income from real property and installations on the island.

Is there cell service in Svalbard?

Will you be able to use your phone in Spitsbergen? Do not expect mobile coverage in other areas. Spitsbergen is included in the Svalbard Archipelago, which is serviced by one Norwegian telecom provider.

Who can live in Longyearbyen?

People from all over the world can live and work in Svalbard. Treaty nationals are equal to Norwegian nationals under the Svalbard Treaty. It is possible for non-treaty nationals to live and work indefinitely visa-free.

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Can you become Norwegian by living in Svalbard?

You can’t get a residence permit for the Norwegian mainland if you’ve lived on Svalbard for more than a year.

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