Are Pet Fees Legal In California?

California is the only state that allows pet fees to be legal. There is a fee that is non-refundable. The breed, number and size of the pet should be taken into account when calculating the amount you charge.

Are landlords allowed to charge extra for pets?

Pet rent is now being charged by many landlords because they are not allowed to ask their tenants to pay an additional deposit in order to move in with their pets.

What is a standard pet deposit in California?

Landlords are not allowed to collect more than two months’ rent in the form of a deposit. A combined total of more than two months’ worth of your rent is what your landlord can ask for.

Can landlords legally say no pets?

Tenants can’t be banned from having pets. The default position on rental property and pets is that a landlord will rent to tenants who have pets.

What is pet rent?

When you charge a monthly fee for your pets, it’s known as pet rent. It’s a popular option with pet friendly apartments. If your tenant has animals in their unit, you can charge pet rent.

Do landlords have to accept pets?

Pets should be accepted by landlords. The answer is yes if they have a good reason not to. It can cause tensions between landlords and tenants if you rent with pets.

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Can a tenant have a pet?

There are no laws regarding renting with animals. If a landlord has a valid reason to refuse a request to keep a pet, they can decline it. If your landlord believes that your pet is too large for their property, then they will decline your request.

Can a landlord charge a pet deposit and pet rent in California?

A pet deposit and additional pet rent can be charged by landlords. The pet deposit can’t exceed two months of rent if the landlord charges it.

Can landlords refuse pets 2021?

The Ministry of Housing updated their standard tenancy agreement in order to prevent landlords from banning pets. The government recommends that pets be allowed in the model tenancy agreement.

How do I get around apartment pet restrictions?

Private owners are able to rent from a company. It’s easier to rent from a private owner than it is from a rental company because they have more strict policies with pets.

What is a pet clause?

Animals on the residential premises without the landlord’s consent are allowed to be kept by tenants under clause 43.

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