Are Jurors Told About Nullification?

The judge of a jury’s right to nullification isn’t told about it because the case law isn’t clear.

Should jurors know about jury nullification?

It’s not a good idea to discuss jury nullification with your peers. It’s perfectly legal for a juror to vote not guilty if they think the case is unfair.

Why do jurors have the right to nullify the law?

It is possible for jurors to believe that the law is unjust or unfairly applied, that the penalty for violating the law is too harsh, or that there are other circumstances that would make strict enforcement of the law unjust.

What are examples of jury nullification?

When a jury acquits a person of guilt because they disagree with the law, it’s called jury nullification. During the 19th century, juries who disagreed with alcohol control laws acquitted defendants who were caught red handed.

Has there ever been a jury nullification?

When have jury nullifications been done? John Peter Zenger was charged with seditious libels of the Governor of the Colony of New York, William Cosby, in the 1735 trial.

Can a judge overrule jury?

Is it possible for a judge to overturn a jury’s verdict? The trial judge can’t overrule the jury’s verdict once they return it. The trial judge will sentence the defendants if they are found guilty of a crime.

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Do all 12 jurors have to agree?

All of the jurors have to agree on a decision. The judge can discharge the jury if they can’t agree and replace them with another jury. When a trial is over, jurors are not allowed to tell anyone else about the discussions they had in the jury room.

What states have jury nullification?

The constitutions of 24 states explicitly authorize jury nullification. There are provisions in the constitutions of Maryland, Indiana, Oregon, and Georgia that guarantee the right of jurors to decide the law in criminal cases.

Is nullification legal?

According to the doctrine of nullification, states have the power to invalidate national actions they deem unconstitutional. State leaders use this form of resistance to reject federal authority.

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