Are 7 Year Old Tyres Ok?

The tires should be replaced when they are six years old. If the tires are stored and cared for correctly, they can last up to ten years. We recommend replacing tires if they are more than six years old.

Are 8 year old tires too old?

How long do tires last? Replacing tires over 6 years old is recommended by most auto manufacturers. There is a limit on the number of years tire manufacturers give. The rubber compounds on your car become weaker as they age.

Are tires still good after 5 years?

According to the NHTSA and official manufacturers, a tire should only be used until it is at least 5 years old.

How many years can tires last?

The average all-season tire will last between three and five years depending on maintenance, driving style, and other factors.

Can you drive on a 10 year old tire?

Any tire that is more than ten years old is not strong enough to drive. It’s important to replace your tires at this time. We will not service tires that are more than 10 years old.

How do I know if my tyres are too old?

The last three digits indicate the age of these tires. There is a serial number called DOT XYZ WT1188. The week the tire was manufactured is indicated by the 18 and the year of the decade is indicated by the 8. The tyres were made on the 18th week of the 8th year of the decade.

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Do tyres perish if not used?

Poor handling and loss of vehicle control can be caused by tyres that are not properly inflated. The amount of damage is dependent on the level of exposure and how much heat, sunlight, and rain there is.

Are 12 year old tires safe?

In the world of rubber radials, tires that are 12 years old would exceed all age limits. Most tiremakers recommend that tires be inspected after six years and that tires be replaced after ten years.

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